Hiking Around

Leave only footprints, take only pictures and memories!

List of walks around the Peak District and Derbyshire

The times are not reflective of the difficulty of the walk as they include stops for coffee, lunch and taking in the views. My fitness level is probably at the lower end of average, I am generally a leisurely walker, though my pace can vary depending on who I am with. My own average pace is about 3-4 miles per hour on easy terrain, or 1-2 minutes per 10 metre map contour and 1-2.5 miles per hour on difficult/strenuous terrain, or 3-4 minutes per 10 metre map contour.

Walk Difficulty Distance Duration
Alport Castles from Fairholmes Centre (circular walk) Easy/Moderate 9 miles 5 hours
40 minutes
Bleaklow Head from Padfield (circular walk) Moderate 12 miles 8 hours
40 minutes
Derwent Edge from the Fairholmes Centre (circular walk) Moderate/Difficult 8¼ miles 4 hours
30 minutes
Dovedale from Alstonefield (circular walk) Easy 10 miles 7 hours
00 minutes
Mam Tor & Hollins Cross - 3 routes options to Pervil Castle & the show case caverns Moderate 2¾ miles,
6½ miles &
7½ miles
1 hours 30 minutes &
3 hours 40 minutes
Padley Gorge Circular - 2 circular route options Easy 2¾ miles or
3½ miles
3 hours 15 minutes &
4 hours 00 minutes