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Ingleton Waterfalls Trail.

Distance: 4½ miles / 7 kilometers

Time: 3 hours 20 minutes

Grade: Easy/Moderate

Map: OS Explorer OL2 Yorkshire Dales - Southern and Western areas

Walk Summary

This very pleasant 4½ miles, half day circular walk from Ingleton passing through ancient oak woodland, the path visits a series of waterfalls with viewing platforms along the way. The path is well managed and stone laid most of the way.

After leaving the car park, follow the River Twiss through a deep gorge cut in Swilla Glen with a visit to Pecca Falls which has viewing platforms. Hollybush Spout and its large pool, after visiting the pool a short stepped stepped path to the top of the spout. At the top there is often an icecream van on the hotter days, which is very welcoming on a hot summer's day. Then continue on to Beezley Falls and Baxengyhll Gorge offering some dramatic views of the river. After visiting Snow Falls, the return is over Twisleton Glen and back to Ingleton and the car park.

The best time to do the walk is late spring or after a heavy rainfall when the falls are in full flow, the route if easy going and unchallenging, though the climb up Hollybush Spout requires a bit of effort, but nothing too strenuous.

There is an admission fee payable at the entrance to the parking area, make sure you have the ticket to hand when you leave, as they sometimes ask to see proof of payment.